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A65 problems

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I have got the rest of the bottom end stripped today. I took it to a good friends, but not a BSA A65 expert for inspection.

The bores seem ok, maybe on the tight side. A going over with the oil stones should put it right. All the bushes are good.

The crank has had an Devimeade/srm conversation. Bearings are good. The crank is still smooth and when we measured the crank it was still perfectly round. +10 shells made or rhubarb.

The connection rods: one has two holes drilled and one without. Is this correct?

Correct. The one with the hole goes on the drive side, cant remember which way round, the manual will tell you. One thing re the Devimead conversion vs the SRM is the OD of the oil seal over the end quill (fits into the inside of the inner cover). This OD is larger than the SRM and can result in blowing out due to the larger surface area, so make sure it is held in securely via centre popping around the edge. If you found it hanging on the quill when you dismantled it, its already done it. (Dont ask me how I know this)!!!! :-\

Your rods are the late ones, 1971/72. The left rod was made with 2 oil holes at this time.

Is that a problem?

These rods have a thicker section than the earlier ones so stronger.


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