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Hello and happy New Year!

This is my early A65. She has an engine no3711. Just a couple of questions on vanity; should it have a different front end on it a totally enclosed chain guard?

I got her is 2015 off eBay from a chap who deals in bits and bobs. It was supposed to have had a top end rebuild and just needed the electrics sorted. The previous owner had gone into an home or something like that. (Tried to contact him about the bike when I got the log book back, but wouldnít speak to me).

Anyway, as itís an early one, it was 6V. On advice from my bike guru, I was advised to convert her to 12v. Ironically, that month Roadholder mag from the Norton Club had a step by step guide of how to do this. I duly did and added a Boyer electronic ignition at the same time with a duel output coil of the same make. I thought this was a good idea as there was no coils or points on the bike.

I got her going and MOTed.

On the second outing, she nipped up, big style.

What does anyone think about what we can see from the photos so far?

The block feels smooth, that glitter stuff must be melted alloy. There is a couple of rough bits away from the any picking up that looks like someone has gripped them with something. Real rough like a zester!

See small ends too!

The crank case looks like itís been cut or two mated together? Oil tight, you can see wet sumping! (The rest will come to pieces next weekend, hopefully)

Your views on this are welcomed.

So far( thinking of an SRM roller convention and one of their oil pumps) +60 is the limit? Do I re-sleeve or get a big bore kit?


Sorry, wonít let me post pics!


Emailed them to self at lower quality!



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