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Front tank fixing assembly? Mid 30's


Please can anyone advise on the correct assembly of the front petrol tank bolts/top-hat/annular cup/buffers? And maybe suggest a suitable replacement for the rubber buffers? It's on my 1936 Model B18. Presumably this arrangement was used on other models.
I would include a photo, but haven't learned how just yet.
Thanks and regards.

I think Draganfly have them and show the general arrangement in the parts list...

If so and you are still stuck I'll go and look at mine in daylight and get back to you.

Ah, many thanks Dean, that answers me question perfectly. It appears mine have been fitted wrongly in the past as the tank flanges fit snug up to the frame. I'll need to tease them out a bit to allow the top hats' flanges enough space in between tank and frame.
The Draganfly site looks really useful I'll give them a looking over.
Once again, many thanks


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