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The big boot


Hi all,
Like the very similar post by Gusmagicbus, I am almost ready for the first boot.
A few questions if I may regarding a '53 B31.
Engine oil, I was thinking old school straight 40? (is it still available?)
Gearbox, again straight 90?
Finally, what spark plug would you recommend? I know the official Champion and NGK numbers, but I wondered if others experience told a different story.
As always, I would appreciate your advice.

yes sae 40 is available and a good choice L82 spark Plug

I go the easy way with modern 20-50 grade for all.

I use an NGK B6HS.

Straight Grade 40 is more suitable for the B31. Without sparking off the age old debate, the main difference is that classic monogrades do not contain detergents and the crud falls gently to the sump and stays there. Multigrades have detergents which hold the crud in suspension and transport it until it goes through the cartridge filter and is trapped there. So, assuming you don't have a cartridge or felt type filter, you're best off sticking to straight grade 40. If you have an external filter then by all means use either, Both are available in the Castrol Classic and Morris's range from most motor factors.


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