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The big day is nearly here..


Hi Folks,

After seven years of hard labour, laughter, sweat and tears, it's nearly time to see if the BSA C15 SS80 runs again. It was my first rebuilt and not a single nut or bolt on the entire bike has been spared. New big end, cylinder rebore, new piston and rings etc. etc. I am looking for any advice on a sensible way to commission/run in?

Also i'm thinking of buying an oil filter protect all that hard work. What's the general opinion on aftermarket oil filters?

All advice gratefully recieved,


I've just run an engine (not BSA) that I recently rebuilt. I checked all settings and carb carefully before attempting to start it. I also squirted some engine oil into the cylinder and an turned it over a few times to make sure it was well oiled. Main thing to check once it starts is that you have a good oil return to the oil tank - if not then you will need to investigate why before running the engine for very long.

A10 JWO:
Don't rev it up on the stand, turn Radio 4 off so you can hear. Look around oil joints with a mirror. Do not labour the engine..Check plug colour. Consider nipping up head bolts as per workshop manual. Enjoy  ;D


--- Quote from: A10 JWO on 28 December, 2017, 15:38:46 ---........ turn Radio 4 off........

--- End quote ---

I'm glad to hear I'm not alone! ;D

Did the same thing a year or so ago, before I tried starting i took the plug out and kicked it over to oil came out of the return pipe or the feed to the rockers.


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