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B441 clutch lever


Clutch lever assembly Part Number 57-2750
This appears to comprise two parts, the shaft and lever arm. Please can someone explain how the two are assembled.
I have excessive play between the shaft and casing bearing surface for which the solution appears to be ream out the casing and make a new oversize shaft.
Thank you

I think welded together. You could consider carefully bushing the cover if there is enough metal, though likely to split if there is not.


There's not a lot of metal around the clutch lever bore - about 4mm on the right of the bore with less on the inside. At most you would be able to increase the radius of the bore by about 1mm but, given the force involved when you operate the clutch, you would probably be on the limit of how strong the cover is. It might be far better to get hold of another timing cover - there's normally quite a few advertised for sale.

PS. To remove the lever from the cover, you need to unscrew the pinion which has a LH thread. To do this you need to insert the rack in such a way that after rotating the lever CW when viewed from above, it is left pointing to the left when the rack is forced against the timing cover. Laying the cover flat on a bench and then tapping the end of the lever with a soft mallet should loosen the pinion. However, there is a risk that the rack will break through the timing cover and so carefully heating the pinion first helps to prevent this.


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