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Hi all, the red bits on my MK1 are being painted early in the new year it's a 69 mode,l frame number XC000686... and is I take it a "candy red"? are there any paint codes available for mixing or do we have to use a modern day paint which is near or nigh on to the original . Rob

Hi Rob.

I believe the colour is either BSA Flamboyant Red Candy or Maroon Candy for your '69 Rocket 3. I have experience of using the former. For this, the original paint scheme was to use a basecoat of metallic silver on top of which is the Flamboyant Red lacquer on top of which is the clear coat. However, when I painted my B25T and B50T in Flamboyant Red, I used a metallic gold basecoat which was considered better than silver at the time.

You can get either of the original colour schemes (with silver basecoat) from RS Paints.

I had my paint from RS motorcycle paints. It's expensive but the colour is bang on.
The painter that did my paintwork said that it is a pleasure to use, top quality paint.  You can check your colour here - 

RS Paints products are superb. They also have paint samples to work with from all the BSA bikes produced and so authentic colour match is second to none.

Thanks all for the paint query you have all been very helpful and it's great to see you all recommend the same paint supplier..makes things easier.


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