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i ve had my bsa plunger application rejected  for two new reasons from the dvla input services group.
1. dating certificate over a year old. [ by a few days ]
2. date of despatch is no longer valid. it must be date of manufacture.
merry christmas from the input services group.

I don't like the sound of the last point, especially as the 2 x dating certificates and 2 x vehicle reports I got today from the BSAOC only give the despatch dates!! I think the BSAOC may only have 'Despatch Books'??

A10 JWO:
Worrying  :o

Date of manufacture? very worrying, as I type, I have an age related application with the DVLA. The frame has a despatch date of 3rd July 1952 and since the engine is the original engine, must obviously also been despatched on the same day too. Crank cases are matched, but stamped on the drive side case is the date 6-3-52 and on the timing side case is 8-2-52. Whether this indicates casting or machining dates I do not know, but how can an accurate date of manufacture be ascertained. Clearly mine took several months to come together!

The VMCC now holds the BSA Factory Records donated to them by the Science Museum which I believe contain both the dates of manufacture and the dates of despatch. I'm not sure whether the BSAOC has access to the Factory Records for BSA or just has the despatch information. If DVLA needs the dates of manufacture, does this mean we would have to get them from the VMCC?


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