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Being part of the owners club is great lots of knowledge and tips on various subjects.
My question is what are the different branches and the main club doing about encouraging younger BAD owners to join the club or even those who are already members to be more active.
Thoughts and ideas will make interesting reading.

Hi Calvin, the membership has been increasing steadily since I took over as Editor some 6 years ago. It was around 2500 then and it's now just under 3500. I don't know how we can encourage younger people to join as a) it means them investing in relatively expensive classic bikes and b) the main reasons we older members ride and restore them is because we have experienced them since our youth and we want to keep reminding ourselves of the good times?
Anyone else got any suggestions?
Regarding the branches, maybe we ought to encourage the formation of groups in areas which aren't readily served by a Branch or Group. They did this in Dorset a year or so ago and it took off with resounding success. But, we need people in those areas, to get together and start these up.


What answer do you give to your own question and what do you, as an individual plan to contribute?

I have heard that in twenty years time all petrol & diesel engines are being banned, so petrol will not be required.
What will vintage vehicles use for fuel ?

A10 JWO:
Hi Roy. I think they want to phase out production of petrol engines by then, no doubt there will be a generous overlap for billions of pounds worth of classic machines out there. There were petrol stations about a few years ago still selling 4**** leaded fuel. These were listed on a data base found on Google and it was not that long ago.


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