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Thoughts please, i should say i have bought the bike and the numbers match on log book, last owner had it for 22 years.

A bit more info would be helpful such as model and year, but that number does not look genuine from what little I can see it looks as though it is at least 1967 which means that after the A65 stamping it should have 2 letters denoting the model such as TA for a Thunderbolt LA for a Lightning etc. The letters changed in subsequent years but from 1967 the engine and frame numbers were the same and also that looks like a very long number considering that each year they began with 101 after the A65 and letters. Just noticed your earlier post is this the frame of your 1966 Thunderbolt if so then the frame number should begin A50C I was looking at the finned rocker cover which I believe came out in 1967 maybe wrong about that.

Also - does it have the same number stamped on the engine?

A50C frame numbers only went to March 1966, then the prefix indicated the model ie A65L, A65T, A65S etc and frame and engine had same number.

That number has been stamped other than at the factory, it will not appear in the despatch books.

Engine number starts A65TA which suggests to me its 1967 Thunderbolt but its a 1966 D registration.




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