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my old BSA A65 DRC 653 B


Hi everyone ,I'm still looking for my old BSA A65 , registration number DRC 653 B  that I sold in approx. 1986 in Wiltshire ,any info on its whereabouts would be greatly appreciated ,merry Christmas to all , Les 07527 794546

A10 JWO:
Les. It is still listed on the DVLA Data Base.

hi A10,yes I know ,apparently it hasn't been on the road since I sold it back in 1986/7,im guessing its sat in the back of a shed somewhere,thanks for the reply,

Hi Les,
Have you contacted the purchaser and see if he still has it? If it was a non runner then, it may be in his shed!

hi Chris, i don't know who bought it off me, it is over 30 years ago now, theres a motto in this story ,don't part with your treasured possesions ,cheers,Les


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