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Hi, I'm new to this forum and having just bought a 1963 A10 Gold flash I find there is no way to cut the engine. I have to apply the front brake and stall it. There is a red button on the tricon switch by the clutch lever but doesn't work. Any ideas please.

The end cap on the magneto has a brass terminal which needs to be shorted to ground to stop the engine - normally done by the cut-out switch.

The red button needs to be connected to the central terminal of the mag end cover and the central terminal needs a brush inside to bear on the points retaining screw.

In terms of doing some tests, I would short out the end terminal on the magneto first and make sure that this stops the engine. If you have a multimeter, I would then disconnect the wire to the magneto and measured the resistance to the handlebar and see whether this goes to zero when you press the cut-out button. If it doesn't, either the wiring to the switch has a fault or the switch has a problem which could be the contact under the button not making good contact with the handlebar. If you do get zero resistance when you press the cut-out button, the problem might be that the handlebar does not have a good earth return path to the engine.  Temporarily connecting a wire from the handlebar to the metal of the engine will then show whether this is the problem.

Waiting to turn right at traffic lights in heavy city traffic is pretty effective in my experience  :-[


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