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B25.Starfire - Tachometer Question

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I recently  bought a 1970 starfire. It's in pretty good condition but has enough things to do to keep  me busy over winter.
The model I have has a single speed but I have noticed that some Starfire's also have a tachometer.  I thought this might be a nice addition but when checked my bike there is no connection point. 

Looking at some pictures of Starfires online I can see a connection  point just above to the right of the oil pressure relief valve but on mine there's nothing (see attached  picture).

My question  is,  should  there be one or was it only on some models?


Oops forgot  the picture

There should be a little diamond shaped cover sealing the hole into which the drive spindle and its housing fits, on bikes suppled less a tachometer.

Maybe yours has the wrong cover fitted.

Mine doesn't have one of those. From  the pictures I've  seen  it is part of the engine casing.  I've  since found pictures of  others  that are like  mine so wondered why some have feature and some don't.

Didn't know if it was something added or removed at some point in the manufacturing run.
According to the engine number my bike was made in May  1970.


Hi Starphil.

The earlier Starfires didn't have the tacho drive facility but a 1970 should have it fitted into the RH crankcase. What is your engine number?


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