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A65 OIF conversion to disc front brake.

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Has anybody any experience of this? I assume that you could take the front end of a late Triumph and fit this onto the standard frame but I might be wrong.

A10 JWO:
Sounds straight forward but expensive albeit you could sell your old sort after front end. If a front end off a Yamaha fits my mates 500 Triumph I can't see why not. A T140 may be a good donor. I always thought that later twin Triumphs appeared to look lanky at the front, perhaps the forks are a bit longer or it's my perception. Let us know how you get on and good luck.  8) 

If you do, watch out for the steering stops. Someone did this on my mates Triumph TR6R OIF and they cut off the 'arc of cup' (for want of a better description) steering head stops. I had to do a total rethink to change it back to standard front.
If you do need to, keep the steering stops in case you ever want to change it back.

Mike Farmer:

I put a Commando front end on a 1967 A65. It was only a case of having a couple bearing collars made. Its a long time ago but I THINK the commando head bearing OD was marginally less than the BSA. Cant remember about the steering stops.

Good luck.

Mike 8) 8)

This is an OIF frame. The steering stops set up is alot different compared to the pre OIF version.
Talking about the pre OIF, on my Royal Star, there are two drilled and tapped holes(1/4 UNC - 1970 frame) on the bottom yoke steering stop pad. I believe this was done to limit the side to side lock when a fairing was fitted. Without bolts in there the steering lock is so great, with low bars you trap your left thumb between the handlebar grip and the tank, it comes over that far!!! ouch!


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