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I recently acquired a 1932 Blue Star 350cc, hand change, damaged, in pieces, and not surprisingly, missing many of said pieces. I have lots of questions, but the one most pressing is the location of the rear brake pedal. Mine's missing, and It seems pedal could be  fitted to  left or right side. Does anyone know what determines the side to be used? To be clear, I have nothing of the brake setup to give any clues, no crossover shaft etc.

I could not be totally sure, but I think the pedal was always on the left in 1932, for no other reason than the rear brake drum is on the RHS and drive sprocket on the LHS - so the fitment of the wheel cannot be reversed. My 32 BS has a crossover shaft with squared ends and threaded after for nuts to hold the brake pedal on the LHS and the actuating arm on the RHS. A totally different brake pedal and lever combined would be needed for RHS fitment and a plain collar for the LHS to hold it all in place. My BS has linked front and rear brakes when using the brake pedal, via a twin pull cable device, mounted on the forks. I have plenty of pictures, but would need to learn how to downsize them for the forum. Otherwise PM me and I can e-mail full size pictures direct. I have just looked at the parts diagrams ( I think downloadable from BSAOC or VMCC library) and only LHS brake pedal is shown? Hope this helps.

Malcolm, I just PM'd you.

Parts book shows a left and a right brake pedal for 1932 BS.

I think the right pedal came with hand change.

The 1933 catalogue Blue Star page has some detail.

This looks like a promising suggestion, I did a quick google picture search, and while restored bikes may not be accurate, the unrestored ones I found did seem to follow this trend.


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