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B33 rocker feed and return banjo bolts


I am looking for some help with getting the right Banjo bolts for a 1949 B33. I have three banjo bolts from the head, 2 have large side holes and one has a very small hole. I believe the rocker bolts should be 65-306 (can't find out the hole size) and the oil return 26-1253 top and bottom. I think the 26-1253 has a 5/16 hole. The dragonfly motorcycles list has 65-306, 65-317 and 65-318 but they only stock 65-317 (small hole). There is also a 26-1253Q which has a 1/8 hole but I'm not sure if this is relevant. I have also seen that the exhaust banjo bolt has a larger hole than the inlet. Can anyone tell me which part number has which size hole and a possible reasonably priced source?

The rocker feed bolts have a very small hole like a pin hole. Both rockers had the same feed bolt. The 1949 parts book lists the bolts as 65 306 (Same for A7) but from 1953 the part number goes to 65 317. I dont know what the difference is between 65 306 and 65 317 but I suspect not much.

Bolt 65 318 has a larger hole and was fitted to the exhaust rocker of the Gold Star.

The drain bolt 26 1253 at head and crankcase would have a much larger hole to allow free draining  of oil from the rocker compartment.

26 1253Q is not a BSA number. Perhaps the supplier can explain?

For parts I would use one of the well established dealers. I get a lot from C and D Autos and find them very knowledgable and helpful if you phone them.

Photo from 1949 parts book.

That's brilliant thanks. I know what to do. ;D

I've just realised that the bottom return banjo bolt is behind the primary drive case, any hints as to how it can be checked without stripping this down?


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