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B40 Front Wheel Removal


Hi Guys.
Sounds like a simple job, but my front hub is stuck fast on the tongue of the fork slider so I cannot get the wheel off. Its a 1962 B40 with the end caps on both n/s and o/s forks. What's the best way of freeing the hub?
Once I get it free I guess I'm going to have to file something down to make sure it fits correctly in future. I presume I would file down the tongue on the slider. Is that the best way?
Thanks, Steve

It sounds as though there's a slight bit of corrosion between the hub and fork slider - should only need a slight bit of cleaning up afterwards. One way of releasing it would be to lever the spindle away from the bottom of the RH fork slider once the cap has been removed using a screwdriver. It might require the taper on a small slotted screwdriver to be tapped in between fork leg and spindle to get things started.

Thanks Arthur. I got it moving by tapping down with a wooden dowel on the backplate, then with a tyre lever between spindle and slider it came out easily. Its not corroded though, it looks like new metal has been welded on. I've filed it down so it fits nicely.

There was usually a lot of play in this type of brake plate and a lot of riders often packed them out to stop the clunking when applying the front brake, if you have one that's tight, I believe its better to leave it tight, I have even seen them with a allen screw tapped into the brake plate lug, hopefully you have not filed off too much.



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