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In my handbook it shows the primary chain case with a filler hole, a clutch adjusting hole and a drain/oil level hole at the bottom.

My chain case only has a filler hole (see picture).
How do I know when I have the correct oil level.

My engine number is CA7SS 5593

Looking at the primary case where the bulge is at the front there are 3 larger fixing bolts the smaller bolt next to the bottom larger bolt is the level screw miss the next one along the bottom then the next one is the drain screw. Having said that I tend not to go off the level screw as it is dependant on the bike being on level ground, the best thing to do is to drain any oil out that is in the case then measure the correct amount and refill the case. The correct amount for your bike is 225cc or 0.4 of a pint,you should also have fibre washers fitted on those 2 bolts to stop any leaks.

Thank you, I'll check it out tomorrow.

PTFE tape can also work if you haven't got suitable washers.

I keep adding oil until when I kick it over I get oil on my finger from the top run of the primary chain. Make sure you press the kill button when kicking it over. Safety first kids!


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