Author Topic: Any Fertan or Tapox users out there?  (Read 566 times)

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Any Fertan or Tapox users out there?
« on: 18 November, 2017, 19:11:48 »
I've been cleaning the tank of my AJS M31DL of its surfeit of decaying Petseal over the last few weeks - there was a 1/2 inch thick slab of the damn stuff in the bottom of the tank  :evil: which took nearly 3 weeks of attack by Sealeater to make it let go its hold from around the tank front mounting.
Previously I have used Tank Care products - good at stripping out Petseal and clearing any rust etc, but very temperature dependent when it comes to applying the final coating. After doing the Matchless G80 tank about 3 years ago I didn't bother using the 2nd kit I bought - it's still on the shelf.
I've used POR15 on several other tanks which has been very effective and easy to apply. I use a combination of caustic soda then phosphoric acid to clean and de-rust the tanks prior to the final coating and have had excellent results.
For this tank I thought I'd give Tapox a go as it gets good reviews and I was able to pick up enough to do two 4 gallon tanks for about the same price as one tin of POR15.
The instructions recommended the use of Fertan to treat any rust so I thought 'In for a penny etc' and got some. All went well until it came to rinsing the tank out after 24hrs. Rather than having a nice treated surface I found that the tank was left coated in a fairly dense, and poorly adhering black deposit of excess Fertan. The coating dislodges very easily with a gentle prod but won't rinse off. As a result I really don't feel inclined to put Tapox on top of it as it seems destined to fail.
Ive tried the helpline and the chap suggested filling the tank with hot water and letting it stand for about 5 hours - next to no effect  :(
Has anyone else had the same issue and found a way of removing the fertan? I'm still waiting for a reply from the importers.

Steve from East Yorkshire - Not the Greybeard of the A7/A10 forum who was not actually registered on this one when I signed up ;-)