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C15 carburettor

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Some of you will remember all the "FUN" I had getting my bike roadworthy.
Looking again at the carburettor I have no insulating block fitted between carb. and head.
I suspect this results in carb. Overheating causing running problems.
However there is no space to fit any block.
I am wondering whether my carb. body is too long?
Anyone know what the dimension should be ?

just a thought are your studs too short ? as opposed to your carb body too long

All the monobloc dimensions on the photo.

The insulating washers do not have to be very thick.

Many thanks for the reply.
Julian what thickness of insulating washer do you recommend?
Space is short between carb. air intake and metal air filter housing.

Try the thinest you can get, as space limited -about 1/16 inch. You can always try a thicker one if that does not help.

But it may not solve your carb problem.

Not got a C15 but use a 1/8 inch one on my A10.


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