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B40 Star air filter - what's the best option now

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I have no air filter on my B40 star and on googling you don't seem to be able to get a copy of the original filter unit that goes inside the battery compartment/behind the air filter mounting plate.

The carb is an amal 627 and there's only about 15-20mm between it and the air filter mounting plate/hole into the battery compartment.

Anyone able to advise on my best options for an air filter ?

You may be able to get a pancake air filter to fit but not sure.

Regards TTJohn

Hi hoogerbooger,

Try here:

Best wishes...

If you can't get a standard filter, some of the narrower pancake ones will usually fit, or you can get hold of a short length of steel or aluminium tube (you'll only need a few inches, dirt cheap on evilbay) which will fit into the end of the standard rubber tube link through the centre panel. You'll then be able to mount a small cone type filter on that, inside the "toolbox" so it will all look standard.

Thanks both for comments.

Bess, thanks for your link. Not sure how I missed that - as I went to the site. I actually have the gauze, the rubber  ring that that goes round it, the circlip....... but not the housing (that from the diagram I've seen) it fits within.    If anyone has a spare one or happens to see one at an auto jumble let me know !

Will have to take the suggestions and for the time being rig up something in the tool box area so that it looks right.

Kind Regards


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