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Re: Broken pushrod
« Reply #15 on: 16 June, 2024, 10:32:26 »
Srm used to use their own springs and they are very good. They now sell the Hepolite ones, same with the cams. The cams are good quality,  however I was lucky enough to be building two engines with two new cams at the same time. One of the cams had a larger base circle and overall diameter on the lobe (though the lift was correct) it didnít fit one of the engines, but there was enough clearance in the other. So I could mix and match.

The springs work which I bought for the second engine and havenít been an issue (yet) though they were not a good fit in the lower retainer. I did check for coil bound and they seemed fine.

Old springs often look fine but can be weak or randomly break. When one breaks youíll find a flapping noise. Keep an eye out for some old terrys springs or get the srm race springs (which will be fine).