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Super Rocket cylinder head torque


Can anyone advise on the correct torque value for  cylinder head bolts, '61 Super Rocket. My old Haynes manual is a bit short on some tekky info. Thanks, Greg

    Please see attached service sheet 208.

3rd paragraph down,

 "make them really tight, working diagonally in order to secure even tightness, and leaving the central inclined bolt to the last. When they are all right down give them a final wrench to make certain that they really are tight"

Good luck  :) :)

You could use the A65 figures given for the 3/8 bsf bolts - 28-30 ft/lbs, but you also need to use good quality bolts and thick washers and make sure the holes in the head and the seating for the washers are all good. Over the years the holes tend to collapse inwards.

Use the tightening pattern found in the owners book or service sheets.

The inclined bolt is only found on the long stroke A7 models.

Thanks Julian and other contributers, thought 30 ft/lbs would be about max for size of bolts, just wanted to be sure.


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