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Mike Farmer:

Hi all.
Having just read all the threads about the fork sliders, I called a couple of guys I know and the upshot is that none of us know what the term "counter bore" actually means.

Its something maybe that has never been of any concern to me because all I've ever done is dismantle forks and put em back the same way.

So, being a bear of very small brain, would someone, or two, care to enlighten us?? With simple words of course.

Your advice much appreciated.

Mike 8) 8) 

You can see them on the photos in previous posting.  Look by the wheel spindle hole outside face they look like a shallow drilling. End caps have similar mark.

For shuttle valve forks.

For the A65 only, not for B25 B44 or Rocket 3 forks.

Mike Farmer:
Thanks again


Mike Farmer:
Hi may we take this a stage further. Is it safe to assume that all A65 pre shuttle valve fork shafts were the same.

As I said, it never previously concerned me, I just did what was necessary and put them back together.

Now thought I wish to replace a couple of pairs of shafts. Both about 1963/64

Mike 8) 8)

No dont assume.

The 1968 damper rod forks with end caps used the same end cap both sides with need to go the right way around matching the shape of the fork slider . But not the same as 1969-1970 parts.

The 1962-1965 A50 A65 forks with end caps used the same end cap each side but not the same as 1968 or 1969-1970 part.


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