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Starfire Primary Chain Case Drain plug / Level Plug


I've just bought a 1970 Starfire and am just getting to grips with the basics. My bike has no drain plug and no obvious oil level plug on the primary chain cover. It looks like it was cast with the intention of one but it's solid. (see picture)

Also, on the case on the other side of the engine there is a strange bolt next to the kick start for with I can't find any reference to in the workshop manual or searching online. (see picture 2) Any thoughts on what it might be for?


Could be a repair of some sort. Looks like its got plenty of araldite  around it?

Yes, I wondered if that was a possible reason for it. I looks like a brass bolt that's been filed down, presumably to stop the kick start hitting it. The gunge round the thread is silicone.

This is the picture of the primary chain case that should have been uploaded.


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