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My recent purchase of a 67 Spitfire came with the wrong fuel tank. I need to sell this tank and buy the proper tank so I have a couple of questions. Can somebody tell me what the tank I have fits?

Also, Ive researched the proper 4/5 gallon tanks but I notice most are from India with very mixed reviews. As I can't weld I'm reluctant to buy from India. Any recommendations?

Thanks in advance.


That tank would fit the pre oil in the frame models from 1962 the Star Twin, Rocket, Thunderbolt etc., if it has the carb cutouts on the underside it would fit the Lightning. As for buying the correct tank for your bike there are only 2 Uk Dealers that I know of that supply tanks Burton Bike Bits  and Draganfly Motorcycles  but they are out of stock and have been for sometime now you could give them a ring and see if they are going to restock them. I agree buying from India does have potential problems I bought an Indian made tank for my A65 but had to send it back because of poor quality fortunately I had bought it from a UK dealer so a refund was no problem and that dealer no longer deals in Indian made tanks.

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yes nightmare! i have seen it elsewhere as well.

i saw the pics when the tank first went on and it looked a nice tank.


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