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Helppppppp... after many years away I have returned to the BSA fold with an oily rag B40.... after a few weeks of happy ownership.. I kicked it over and after a “clunk” I get no compression.. kick start returns but doesn’t turn the engine.. from my limited knowledge I am guessing broken shaft and/or kick star quadrant? ... I really want to deal with this myself but..... is this a reasonable job.. should I prepare to replace the whole mechanism whilst apart.. please tell me I don’t have to split the whole engine??? Any thoughts gratefully received, regards Mark, East Herts

If you remove kickstart, and gear lever you can then remove outer casing that will give you access to kickstart quadrant and spring etc, relatively simple no need to split engine or gearbox!  ;)



Thanks Derek! Will give it a go! 😀👍

Before you start stripping it down, put it in gear, pull the clutch in and press the kick starter. It should turn the rear wheel, if not the problem is with the kickstart mechanism, if it does then the problem is the primary drive.
Remove the plug, put it in gear and turn the rear wheel, if the engine does not turn over the problem is the primary drive

Thanks very much.. will try that tonight!😀👍


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