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1965 B40 Star battery & ignition

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I have a 1965 B40 star that's been sitting in the garage for 18 years and I now want to get on the road.

The battery had died and was binned. On a quick search of web sites they seem to suggest it should be 12 v ? But I am absolutely sure it was a 6v  as when I had it running I had to get a 6V charger.  So were 1965 stars 6V? 

Also I notice that there are 6V electronic ignition kits.  Any advice on the best for a B40 star ?


If you take off the rear light lens or undo the headlight then take the bulbs out and see if they are marked 6v or 12v. Hope this helps.

Bulb is 6V. So I'm not going mad then.

So any comment on suitable/best electronic ignition kit available ?


I believe Boyer-Bransden do a 6V kit but I haven't tried it. I do have a 12V Boyer kit on my Trials Cub and it's absolutely fine as long as you have a decent battery or a good alternator. 
My Cub had no battery and I discovered the hard way that if the voltage to the ignition is too low, the Boyer kit magically sets itself to full advance. It's not fun for starting, but they claim to have fixed it in their MkIV version.
Personally, I'm changing my B40 (just started the rebuild) to 12V, which is a pretty easy job. In fact Boyer do a combined regulator/rectifier and ignition kit for just that purpose.
Another alternative is the Electrex system, which costs bit more, but replaces the alternator and ignition system completely, thus doing away with the points etc.

You could convert to 12 volt quite easily and you might find more choice for electronic ignition by doing so.


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