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Hello to everyone
Iím just about to re enter the BSA ownsership experience and upgrade from a Bantam to a Rocket 3.
Iím looking at buying a rocket 3, itís a 1970, the chassis number on the frame near the front engine mount, engine and log book is three didgits then A75R.  Is this correct? As I thought there would be two letters in front identifying year and month built. 
Its was registered in August 1970.
Iíve read that from 1969 BSA changed the chassis numbers to include the year and month built?
Maybe this bike was old stock when it was registered?
Any advice would be welcomed
Many Thanks

Certainly anything from about October 1968 would have the date letters.

With the limited detail given it is dificult to be more specific.

The number on the bike, engine and log book is 115A75R

Without the 2 dating letters it looks like an early autumn 1968 number, before the dating letters were introduced.

Thanks for the reply
Is it possible it was in stock for a while and wasnít registered until 1970?
Iím trying to convince myself itís not a lemon.
There are old motís the original log book etc so apart from the two letters missing from the beginning of the number it looks right....
I presume old models were registered on later dates.  Is there anything on the bike which would confirm itís an older model?  The clocks look different than models Iíve looked at they have a black background?
Your help
And advice is much appreciated


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