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A65L Crankshaft welded sludge trap access

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Charles R:

I don't know anyone locally with a floor standing pillar drill or anything approaching it.
I live near Halesworth/Harleston on the Suffolk/Norfolk border.

I'm still intrigued as to why it was welded.  This would have been done about 40 years ago and the motor has never been used since.  Perhaps there was a school of opinion that the sludge trap was not useful if an external filter was fitted but, even so, why weld the hole up?

Cheers, Charles

Mike Farmer:

I discussed this with a local machinist today complete with piktur etc. Prob not a cheap job.

My thoughts for what its worth and what I would most likely do, and if this is frowned upon I understand.

Figuring that you're unlikely to need to do this again.

I would drill the weld, clean it completely and then weld it up again. Even suggesting this goes a bit against the grain but it would sort any faults inside the hole as well. Duff threads etc,

Finally please don't anybody threaten to lynch  for this suggestion.

Mike 8) 8) 8)

Even with an external filter there will still be some build up in the sludge trap.

I would think that it was welded as a bodge job, because the original plug was wrecked when removed and/or the face of the crankweb was damaged during removal and/or plug removed by drilling and the threads in the crankshaft were damaged in the process.

The plugs were secured by centre punching the edge and these marks often needed drilling to allow the plug to be unscrewed.

Mike Farmer:

yep definitely a bodge job. cant see any other reason. some clown welded the locknut on the oil drive worm on my A50 prob they had tried to turn the nut the wrong way. Tuff really but that's life with something that's changed hands a zillion times.

Mike 8) 8) 8) 8) 8

Hi Mike,
            If after removing the welded section and you cant salvage the threads, my suggestion would be to make up a blank and braze it back. It could be removed easily removed if needed next rebuild.

Best wishes...


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