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A65L Crankshaft welded sludge trap access

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Charles R:
Thank you all for your thoughts.

I would like to drill through and discover what's lurking:
 a. have they left the sludge trap still in there?
 b. is it clean in there?
 c. can the thread be reinstated?  (By the way, anyone know the thread size & type?)

Depending on what's found, ideally I'd like to reinstate the thread and fit a sludge trap plus plug.  Otherwise, as has been mentioned, seal it up again without a sludge trap so as to allow an external cartridge filter to do its job.

Cheers, Charles

7/8 x 20tpi.

Charles R:
Thanks Julian

Which thread type?  Whitworth?

Cheers, Charles

Think it is cycle.

Mike Farmer:

Yep if it becomes necessary then I agree Brazing would be better than welding.

Mike 8)


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