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B31 gearbox query


In the process of putting back together my B31 (plunger) gearbox- according to the bible it is imperative that the dot on the selector quadrant is lined up with the dot on the casing...slight a dot on the quadrant but there is nothing on the casing.... any ideas ?

Lining up the dots is the usual procedure for the swinging arm gearboxs on the "B" models. The plunger box needing a different appproach.

What sort of box and what year is your bike?


Its a 1955 plunger model; the gearbox looks to be a "m" series unit as it has no cam plate and has selector forks;

Attached service sheet describes the reassembly of the box and may assist.

Hi JulianS

Thanks for that ..I reckon I can sort it from that... its a much better description that the Haynes manual I'm working with

cheers and thanks again



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