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Exhaust valve lifter

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Most parts books can be downloaded by BSAOC members in the Club website members area. Unfortunately not the 1928 issue.

The 1928 issue is a short issue of just about 100 pages. It needs to be used in conjunction with the 1927 issue which has over 300 pages. Some of the parts for your bike may will not show in the 1928 issue.

I have added the front page of 1928 so you can see what BSA said.

Second photo shows the valve lifter cam and lever from parts book. Your parts are 27 423 and 24 79.

Thanks again Julian, pity there are no dimensions shown, but I suppose it's not 'rocket science' to make something up.


Have you seen this in e bay.

Yes thanks ....I just got it!  it looks to be the correct part this time, as I got one (splined, longer and unuseable) from the same seller last week.
Just need to make the shaft and bushing, but the drawings helped a lot.  :)


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