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How original for an age related plate?

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I agree entirely with you.

Mike Farmer:
Hi  :)

I was about to ask this question---Thanks

Mike 8) 8)

Funny you should mention the frame number and powder coating Julian. On another bike I had just that problem but it at least was already registered and risked being more of an MOT issue. As it happens the shallow stamp on the Spit frame has probably helped me decide against powder and go for spray paint which I can do myself and control more carefully.
Thanks again to you and the editor. Am feeling more relaxed again about my plans...
As a newby to posting where is the right space on the forum for enquiries like this which cuts across types. I posted under twins but this isn't just a twins issue?

Charles R:
I had a similar issue with my A65L 1970.  I obtained a dating certificate via the BSAOC with half a dozen photos of the "barn find" loosely assembled so it could be seen to be an A65L plus photos of the frame and engine numbers.  Having got the dating certificate I applied to the DVLA and without any queries from them and in a reasonably quick time I got the original registration number but as "not transferable".

For me it turned out to be remarkably painless.

Cheers Charles

Charles R:
I meant to finish off by saying that you can register it as a complete non-runner, as I did.  The fact that it was never registered in the UK shouldn't create any problems in the process.

Cheers, Charles


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