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Fuel Tanks (again)

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Mike Farmer:
I can assure you that right now anything is cheap compared with 190.

Mike 8)

Steve Tipper:
I think rather than pay  190 to have an existing tank sealed, I'd buy one of the Indian offerings and then seal it on arrival with a proven quality tank sealant.
They've been known to have porous seam welds which will soon have your nice new paintwork bubbling up, but a good tank sealant should prevent that.
Not really good engineering I admit.
But how much for a quality British made new tank ?

Mike Farmer:

The one I've just had done is a "new" Indian tank. Its only had two lots of petrol in it and the inside basically dissolved. then went solid,

So heres hoping. Of course it doesn't help that as far as I can tell they are the only source.

That's life



I have refinished a battered glass tank.
I tested it with fuel in. No leaks yet, but if it starts to leak
I will try my epoxy clear two pack paint, which should do the job, for 10.

A10 JWO:
May seem a daft question. Don't remember having problems in the 60's. Is it the modern green fuel we use causing all this grief.


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