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Fuel Tanks (again)

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Mike Farmer:
Hi. I'm just in the process of "doing" a petrol tank and I've run out of cleanser and sealant.

Whats new on the market and what are you gents currently using. I'd much rather use something proven by you than take a chance on getting it right.

Mike 8) 8)

A10 JWO:
Loads on Youtube including Apple Cider ?

Hi Mike,
               A nice article which may inspire you:

Best wishes...

Mike Farmer:
Hi Bess

That is extremely interesting and in truth looks a good way to go. I've already de-rusted it and having run out of "Splosh" looking for something to continue the process.I shall keep you up to date. Actually one of their recommended "fixers" is only a few miles from me, so I might do a bit of interrogation.

Thanks a zillion for your input

Mike 8) 8)

Mike Farmer:
Hi Agen. :)

Whilst on this subject. This an Indian tank that I bought about 18months back. It has only had two lots of fuel put in it and the amount of rust and other cra- that came out beggars belief.

I admit that when I bought it I was very pleased with it and sang its praises. However now??????? buyer beware.

Mike 8) 8)


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