Author Topic: B31 oil pump bolts size and thread  (Read 124 times)

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B31 oil pump bolts size and thread
« on: 01 December, 2023, 16:55:04 »
I have just lapped all surfaces of the oil pump and all the gears run nice and smoothly even after i tightened the pump up with two bolts through the bolt holes. However to finish the job I would like to put new bolts in to finish the job properly. The heads of the bolts are well rounded off.
Could anyone tell me what size and thread these bolts are please. If possible I would like to buy allen key head bolts


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Re: B31 oil pump bolts size and thread
« Reply #1 on: 02 December, 2023, 17:28:14 »
Hi David
I think it's part no 65-2604 which is 1 7/16" x 1/4" -20BSW. Can you remove one and see if this agrees?