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A10 JWO:
Hi Nick. I recently bought a basket case A65 which was in bits, many bits. Belonged to an Ace Cafe chap who died five years ago ( Roger Glover ). Got a new log book by sending off a V62 and 25. One owner from new. Getting there slowly hope to have the new wheels and tyres back next week. If there is anything you need just ask. Draganfly's website is really good, better than a Haynes manual. Regards  8)

Thanks for the offer of help JWO, much appreciated. I'll probably be taking you up on that! I had stumbled across Dragonfly and agree, very helpful website.
Hopefully, the previous owner should be sending me a new log book as he had already applied. Might be a problem though as my frame & engine number indicate a 1967 machine but the number plate is a 'D' reg which is 66.............have to wait & see.

1967 season started in August 1966 and ran til end July 1967 so your bike could have been sold before end of December 1966 and legitimately had a "D" plate.

D plates ran January - December 1966. 1967 E plates only ran January 1967 - August 1967.

That would explain it perfectly. Thanks for that info Julian.

Welcome, and don't be afraid of asking silly questions, I often do - there really is a wealth of knowledge in the club.
Best tip I can give is collect a decent set of imperial spanners - open ended and ring and a decent metric socket set has also come in very handy.
Good luck


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