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Exhaust sealing

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I'm sure it must be on this site somewhere but does anyone know the best way to seal a push in exhaust on my B31? Thanks

I use clear silicone

I use PTFE tape and exhaust paste on my A10. Seals well and comes off OK. Have also used PTFE tape and high temperature Loctite 5920 (copper) also works OK.

Is that normal silicone sealant ,bathroom stuff,  will it take the heat and not burn

Phil C:
Is it necessary? I recently took my exhaust off, no sign of sealant, put it back together without it as well. By the way, couldn't see any purpose in the finned rose at the entrance to the cylinder - it's just held on with a kind of clip, appears to serve no purpose other than look nice. Phil (novice)


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