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RGS frame
« on: 20 October, 2017, 20:40:06 »
Hello, I do not currently own a bsa, even though I've never driven a car in my life, I ride a motorcycle everyday, ice/snow permitting.( sr 500 xs650) other than that mainly british enfields, moto guzzi t3's ( t140  awful)
This is a true story & some parts  i feel I need closure, yes that may sound silly but it's the way I feel.

When I started riding motorcycles in 1974, aged 16, nobody wanted british bikes, only me & my mates, riding around on a enfield crusader was the zenith for me.
Anyhow, a friend I worked with told me about someone selling a triumph scrambler over at much wenlock,  brockton
It was a farmer selling his sons bike that he used to ride around his fields on. Anyway I bought this bike, was told it was a 350 triumph, bought it for 25, bit rough but ran.
Turned out it was an alloy barrelled t100 ss, looked like an a10 frame, norton gearbox, thunderbird chaincase, cut & shut to fit the "a10" frame, oh and to confuse all the more fibreglass seat & tank unit from a rickman metisse. The frame was nickel plated, quite rough but not bent. Sold it on for 50, needed too  much work to put on the road.
Wish I did as I always wondered about that frame, I remember the first four digits, GA10
I've only just found out what they mean.
This a true story now I feel really bad.


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Re: RGS frame
« Reply #1 on: 21 October, 2017, 07:02:46 »
We all have tales of regret. The DBD34 I turned down for 80? The Vincent I turned down for 120? The Ariel VB 600 I turned down for 6. Even the Ariel 500 Red Hunter I sold for 80.
The good news is we still have the A10 (45) and A7 (also 45) so can't really complain. Now why did I pay 5250 for a Velocette?