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Hi Guys
I have just brought a new spring for the main stand the dealer assured me it was the right one (it was different to the one I took off)

Can you tell me which way round it goes hopefully I have attached a picture.

it is on a 1950 B31 plunger frame

Best regards Dedge

That is for an A10. Part 67 4847.

You can see the tongue on the cross piece of the A10 stand which takes the rectangular end of the spring they sold you.

You need 65 4727.

Below from 1951/52 parts book.

Hi Julian
Thanks very much your reply and a chance to look at your great parts book. Looking at the parts list for the stand and my casting No 29-48?? it looks like I might have the wrong stand. Do you or, anybody, know what the physical differences are as the picture looks the same.

PS can you buy the parts book you use anywhere as with the pictures and numbers it's easier to see if you have the right parts fitted in the first place. Once again thanks,


I will send you a PM look under "My messages"

The number you see maybe 29 4860 - shown in the 1948 book as stand for C10 C11, B31 B33 rigid and plunger.

Hi Julian
Thanks very much the frame is actually 1949 so the stand could be right



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