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Does anyone know if the standard contact breaker backplate for the B25 is interchangeable with the Triumph T20. They look the same and the pillar bolts would secure the plate to the casing, but would there be issues with the T20 cam on the B25 cam follower?
Any comments would be much appreciated.

From parts lists it looks like they were both originally fitted with the same Lucas 4CA complete assembly part 47621 (condenser mounted on points plate). The B25 changed to the later improved 6CA assembly (remote condenser) but dont know about the Triumph.

The auto advance/cam unit has a different part number for 4CA and 6CA so presume you cannot mix parts from the 2 assemblies.

Ok, thanks JulianS.  The cams would of course be different, but the B25 plate seems to fit snugly in the T20 recess.  The T20 cam does open the points ok, so I guess the B25 plate will do.  The condenser will be fitted near the coil under the T20 seat, as this B25 plate has no provision for it.

  I have replaced most of my later bikes (B25 ideal) with the Electrex World system. Extreemly easy to fit. Does away with all old electrics, direct lighting and a battery charging circuit , if needed. No points, coils or other bits. Once the timing is set it will never alter, whatever the revs. Not cheap but rather good...   Griff

Hi,  Just to follow up my original post.  The B25 backplate was used on the T20 and the Tiger Cub is up and running. Flactem.


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