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B31 Magneto oil seal

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Hi guys

Partway through a B31 rebuild and come to refit the magneto; I've put a new oilseal in the housing - my gut instinct says spring/open side  to the inside- ie towards the pinion or into the timing chest...  but when I've peeled the old seal off the pinion its fitted the other way round- ie spring towards the magneto.

Which is correct ?


OK... I reckon the seal was originally put in the wrong way round so I'm going with my instinct on this one. However I am concerned that the mag doesn't sit very well on the crankcase "plinth" and actually rocks.... This cant be right surely ? It will clamp down with the strap but....

any thought appreciated

You are correct, the seal should be fitted with the open (spring) side facing into the engine. The way I always confirm which way to install seals is to have the open side facing the higher pressure side. That way the pressure will tighten the seal.

Have you checked the location studs under the magdyno as a source of the 'rocking' ?

As the breather system is designed to keep crankcase pressure below atmospheric pressure, that would suggest the seal should be fitted spring out. I fitted mine spring in

Thanks Dean... There are 2 studs diametrically opposite on the base of the mag and 2 threaded holes on the other diagonal. With the studs seated in the recess in the crankcase it still doesn't feel secure- its "wobbly".. Should there be bolts in the threaded holes ?


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