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Trying to find a competition clock to mount alongside the speedo. This to match the setup on the Maudes trophy winning MOL303. I have checked with the National motorcycle museum who has MOL303, but there is no identifying names or numbers on their clock, so I'm struggling.

The clock is black surround and slightly smaller than the speedo, has a 12 hour dial with a reset/timer needle.
Any ideas or suggestions please?

I suspect the nearest you will get is the Smith's 8 day chronometric clock. A fine match for the chronometric speedometer and handy for these longer rides...

Thanks for the thought, but at present Smiths don't seem to make a clock.
I have been in contact with them and no nothing available.
Suspect my recourse will be either to one of the helpful folks on the forum, or the dreaded flea bay.

Smith's hasn't made an 8 day clock for many years. I found mine at an autojumble - possibly your best hope.

     I found these and remembered your post:

Best wishes...


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