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Sloper wiring info advice please


Hi Team, would anyone be able to give me any help on wiring on a 1934 sidevalve.
my bike has the instruments in the tank panel.  How long, extra slack should i have in the panel to make it possible to lift off the instrument panel to wire / work on it?
How long should the inspection lamp wires be?
has anyone ever fitted a connector under the tank to act as a quick disconnect of the wiring loom for when the petrol tank is removed?
look forward to any replies that could assist me please

Hi Tony,
Don't have a 1934 diagram but I do have a wiring diagram in a "Book of the BSA" that says it is for: "the 1936 Lucas Magdyno lighting equipment with instrument panel, without automatic voltage control"; also a diagram for "1937-9 Lucas Magdyno lighting equipment with instrument panel, with automatic voltage control".
Let me know if you'd like me to scan a copy of either or both.

Hi Bevan, thanks for the offer, i have a wiring diagram but it does not give the length of the cables under the tank panel.
should they be long enough to remove the panel?
How long shoud the inspection lamp wiring be?
To remove the tank i will need to disconnect the cables, could i install a connector block to make it easier....anyone else done this?
kind regards


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