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Replacing Sloper fork spring

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Hi folks,
I'm new to girder fork bikes and would appreciate any tips on swapping the fork spring on my 1929 Sloper.  I presume it is under compression. Have bought a new spring since current one is very soft.

The photo is from The Book of the BSA by F J Camm, 1935 edition.

Not much information but hopefully it will point you in the right direction.

Thanks Julian,
Thanks for that extract  - very bit of info helps. Even jacking the bike up is not entirely straight forward - it is so low to the ground that neither a bottle jack or trolley jack will fit under.  I presume it is not advisable to jack via the crankcase, so I need to sort out a way to lift it only by the lower frame rails, which are only 12 cm or so from the ground.

I was getting my Sloper out of hibernation today and had to refer to the Owner's Handbook. This describes how to remnove the fork spring (and virtually how to rebuild the bike...a sign of how things were then!).
Do you have a copy of the owner's manual? If not I may be able to send or emial you a grubby copy of mine.

Hi Dean,

I have a parts list, a 1930 "Book of the BSA", several useful Sloper articles by Bernal Osborne from old motorcycle magazines; also bought the complete set of the 1930 series "Motorcycle Repair" and Upkeep, which has a section on vintage BSA engines.  So I have quite a lot of engine and clutch info but not much about the frame, magneto, cycle parts etc.

I will look to purchase an owners handbook, but in the short term, a copy of the fork spring bit would be really useful.  My email is if you are able to send it, that would be much appreciated.

Many thanks,


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