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A65 Fitting a oil pressure gauge

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Hi. I have a 1972 Thunderbolt. This engine has the oil pressure switch fitted. Does anyone know where i can buy parts to fit a Oil pressure Gauge, in place of the OPS. SRM sell Gauge's but no fitting's. Any advice on how to proceed are welcome. I would prefer to buy a ready made kit but I cant find anything outside of the USA.

I bought all of the parts required from here:

They also supply a capillary extension kit and T-piece.
Send for their catalogue.

I will send for a catalogue. Not sure what the T piece is for? adding something extra I presume,
Thanks for the info. 

I use one of the T-piece outlets for a connection to the capilliary tube, the other for the oil pressure switch.

Thanks for that. I will do the same.


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