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 :) hi everyone, new to this forum, i have recently acquired a bantam bushman 175 (1970). Still in two minds wether to restore or leave as is, i have the original document from Bothwell st Glasgow, still yet to apply for full v5c. I came across it from a friend who had it in his garage for over 20 years. It originally was purchased new from Victor Devine Glasgow. Most of the bike is in boxes at the moment, although mostly everything looks original!

You are going to have to re-register it with the DVLA  so may I suggest that you contact the dating officer, with the full details and he will issue you with a certificate, for a small modest fee, this will help  but don't forget, a dating certificate now is only valid for one year so, perhaps wait till it's nearer completion. :)

Thank you for your reply,, yes, i looked into it, it seems a bit of work involved to get a v5c for the original registration, i have to take pictures of the bike, get them signed by a civil servant of sort, send them, the original registration docs with a fee to the club, then i think they contact DVLA? I may place the engine into the bike just for the photos.
i have decided to get the bike a new set of WIDE trail tyres, and get the engine running, replacing all the old electrics, keep the rest pretty much original, (original patina)!! :P The frame has been properly painted, although the previous owner seems to have cut off the rear mudguard brackets, that are usually located at the rear section under the seat.

 Is the registration number listed on DVLA website?

its not, the bikes last owner was changed in 1972 on the original document, dvla have no record of it, so i need to go through the process i think!


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