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  Been having a debate about front brakes. At a show a 'rivet counter'  reconed my B31 could nor have in been registered late December '55 as it had the Ariel front hub and he recons they were only available from 1956. Surely the bikes were made in 55 for Jan.56 registration and a few were released before Jan 1st. Anybody got an opinion ?   :-\   Griff

Rivet counters are sad individuals!!

Does it matter what they say or think, our bikes are our bikes to be presented and used the way we wish.

When you next see him tell him that the BSA season year for 1956 started in the latter half of 1955. same for other years.

January was not the change over month, you would have thought Mr Rivet Counter wouldknow that!

I presume you frame number starts EB31 - which means it should have Ariel type hubs.

The photo is from Glass's motor cycle check book 1946-1958 issue.

  Julian, the 'rivet counter' has been informed that he was out of order. He sudddenly remembered that the Earls Court Show was when the new models were introduced. Yes the same year as the first moped, Hercules Grey Wolf at a cost of just under 62. Just think how much one of those would fetch now ?
     Sad to say the conter of rivets would not back off as he was convinced that BSA waited 'till 56 for the change of front brakes  but he conceeded the odd one could have crept through,in late 55. Suppose we had a minor win there but wait 'till tomorrow night when we get him at a "club night"... There are half a dozen waiting for him. Thanks for the conformation and EB31 will be there hail ,rain or shine... I like to stir a bit...  ;D   Griff

I used to get rivet counters and was patient with them until I realised I was wasting my breath
Then my patience ran out so a comment such as - my bike your opinion now piss off would usually suffice
I do not get rivet counters these days.


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