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Correcting DVLA Error - Opening a Can of Worms?

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Definitely a can of worms unless you enjoy protracted discussions with DVLA. I was reregistering a bike for Historic class when I thought I'd be helpful in rectifying a frame number anomaly on the old V5C at the same time - DVLA required a verification from the marque owners club (Norton) , which they duly did for a fee after paying me a personal visit. Result was I eventually got the new Historic class V5C from DVLA after a few months , and with the original frame number anomaly still quoted ! Best let sleeping dogs lie.

Ken Oaff:
had an issue with dvla with a bike I imported into the uk

they incorrectly copies the vin number down incorrectly

it took years to sort out and eventually they did rectify their error

however as bike was from nz it had a 17 digit alloy tab with the number pop riveted to the frame, as their computer system will only accept 17 digit numbers

can I get DVLA to change the chasis number to that stamped on the frame, no they insist on continuing to use this 17 digit  number

Have two bikes like this, one is an extremely copllectable model with matching numbers, unfortunately the V% has a garbage number on it.......  but the engine and frame numbers are cherry and they do match

Now on the 5th reply to DVLA and possibly  making progress after a chat with the most charming fellow. I was all nice and controlled and it seems that the problem could be solved (NOVA cock-up). Lets hope the log book arrives this week. Bet it's an inspection job first ! ! !  ::)    Griff

Yes the bultaco is now registered.. Got it right in the end. Had a telephone call to Swansea to a most helpful chap. Discussed the case and told me where to forward the paperwork to and hey presto the jobs a gud-un... anybody want to but a 250cc Bultaco trials bike ?   Griff


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